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Birding Manu & Machupicchu

Birdwatching Machupicchu and Manu Biosphere Reserve 14 Days

Birding Machu Picchu

Birdwatching Machupicchu and Archeology ( two days)

Birding Southern Peru

Birding South America & Peru Birding

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Peru Birding Tours

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Peru Birdwatching: Highly recommended by birders

Amazon Birding offers an innovative birding itinerary in Peru, starting in the pasific coast, ascending to the Andes and descending to the Amazon rainforest. With your Amazon Birding leader you will have a better chance of seeing the incredible diversity of birds of Peru.

We are birding at Manu Birding Lodge(MBL) and Hummingbird Lodge (HL) in the Amazon rainforest. BML has more of the Lowland Terra Firme species. With a macaw clay lick, two oxbow lakes while Hummingbird Lodge has more Varzea (flooded forest) habitat.

We are birding at Amazonia Lodge.This lodge Upper terra firme, secondary forest, small lakes and Amazonian river-edge forest.

We are birding at Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge:Lower montane evergreen cloud forest.

We are birding at wayqecha Biological Station. Here we are focusing on the upper montane evegreen cloud forest endemics and other specialties that are unique to this area.

Our tours:
Birding Peru Highlights

* Northern Peru, birding tours: Through the world´s most endemics rich areas
* Central Peru, birding tours: The ultimate Peruvian endemics tour
* Southern Peru, birding tours: The ultimate South American mega diversity
* Manu lowland & Machupicchu, birding tours: Two weeks mega birding
* Machupicchu, birding tours: Archaeology & Birds
* Abra Malaga, birding tours: Birds of the High Andes
* Huacarpay, birding tours: Andean birding
* Ampay, birding tours: Apurimac endemics
* Manu cloud forest, birding tours: Birding Manu road
* Manu parrot clay lick, birding tours:
* Manu macaw clay lick, birding tours:
* Manu & Tambopata, birding tours:
* Manu Megalowlands, birding tours:
* Pasific coast, birding tours:
* Flamingos, birding tours:
* Antbirds, birding tours:
* Hummingbirds, birding tours:
* Macaws & parrots, birding tours:
* Vilcabamba endemics, birding tours: Vilcabamba expeditions

* Cusco and Apurimas endemics, birding tours: 7 days birding (Endemics of South East of Peru).


Conservation through bird-ecotourism

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