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Peru Birding Guides

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Meet the Guides - Local knowledge, Professional Bird Tour-Leaders

  • actively birding in peru
  • guiding at Amazon, Andes & Coast
  • organizing and leading bird tours
  • conducting Hummingbird project
  • lecturing to student groups.

We are proud to introduce to you, to our experienced top-notch guides, they all have good skills of recognizing most bird calls heard, who carry the essential equipment, including: Scopes, Sound library, etc. Our Guides are the single most important aspect of Amazon Birding tours. Our experienced leaders are not only highly skilled birders but also fun-loving people who genuinely enjoy guiding and take pride in making your tour a pleasant experience.

Saturnino Llactahuaman Lastra
Manager of Amazon Birding, Director of Operations and Founder of Manu Birding Lodge. Saturnino was born in the rainforest of Peru and lives now in Cuzco. He is widely regarded as the finest peruvian bird guide, with truly remarkable field skills, including very extensive knowledge of bird vocalizations. Saturnino was birding in Japan and worked in Macaw and Hummingbird projects in Manu Biosphere Reserve and also with NHK Japanese TV Channel for the documentary and photography tours. Since many years he worked as a rainforest natural history guide in Manu National Park and specialized in leading bird tours. As one of a few licensed birding guides from the Ministry of Tourism in Peru, he speaks fluently English, Quechua and Spanish. Saturnino is well known for his field craft when leading tours. He is using Swarovski binoculars and a Swarovski spotting scope.

Miguel Garcia Martinez
He was born in Southern Peru-Quillabamba. Now He lives in Cusco, Miguel received a degree in tourism and worked in research projects: Antbirds and Hummingbirds. He has worked for many years as a rainforest natural history and birding guide in Manu National Park and now Miguel is one of our top birdguides in Manu National Park. He is renowned for his field craft and knowledge of all aspects of tropical ecology. Birds were his passion since was a child, . He is using Vortex Binoculars and a Vortex Scope.

Edgardo Aguilar H.
Was born in Pisco-Ica, now He lives in Paracas, He is our top bird guide in South-pacific Coast-Peru . He received a degree in tourism. He has worked for many years as a natural history and birding guide in Paracas National Reserve, Ballestas Island and Pelagic trips. He is married and has two boys, when not guiding. He is leading speechs on Peruvian Shorebirds and Seabirds, Edgardo is using Nikon Binoculars and a Kowa Scope.

Jose Antonio Padilla
He was born in Lima-Peru. He got a Licensed Degree in Nature Tourism at Cenfotur- Lima. He was in Glasgow-Scotland, where he lived for over a year, studying english and working in the hospitality business. He is birding all over South America. He has worked for many years as a rainforest natural history and birding guide in Manu National Park and Tambopata National Reserve. He was working like a bird guide in Pantanal- Brazil. The biggest wetland in the world, where more birds were added to his lifelist, learning a lot about jaguars and that amazing ecosistem, specially from Charles Munn at "Jaguar Research center" and the "Pantanal Wildlife Center", so Brazilian portuguese was added to his fluent English and Spanish. He is renowned for his field craft and knowledge of all aspects of tropical ecology, Jose Antonio is one of our top bird leaders in Amazon Birding. Nowadays Jose Antonio lives in Cusco, spending his time leading bird tours between Manu Biosphere reserve and birding tours in Bolivia. He is using Leica Binoculars and a Kowa Scope.

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