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Amazon Birding is a birdwatching tour company providing top bird guides, customized itineraries and logistics for your visit to the Pacific coast, Andes and the Amazon in Peru. We are involved directly in bird conservation and research projects. We make the hard birds easy. In our game plan is to target the endemic, the rare, the difficult and the spectacular species. Of course along the way, we will see most of the other birds in the area and visiting all necessary bird habitats which can be found in Peru. Our leaders for these birding trips are experienced neotropical birders who have many years experience in this beautiful country. In addition we conduct bird conservation projects. Amazon Birding offers the most convenient and competitive prices for all our clients. We are a Peruvian Tour operator, we don´t subcontract, we are a local agent.

Amazon Birding is based in Cusco- Peru; a spectacular country with a bird list of 1864-one fifth of the world´s birds and has the highest concentration of bird species in the world. There are 73 species of Raptors, 124 species of marvelous Hummingbirds; 123 species of colorful Tanagers; 154 species of Antbirds; 35 species of Cotingas; 26 species of Manakins; 255 species of Flycatchers; 52 species of Macaws and Parrots, etc. Mixed species flocks may have over 30 commingled species. You will find more than 10 species of Macaws and parrots at the clay licks.

We design our tours, when at all possible, to stay at lodges which are run by conservation organizations such as: Manu Birding Lodge & Hummingbird Lodge(the most effective bird conservation group in Peru) or hotels which have substantial tracks of preserving forest and demonstrate a clear environmental mission. In these lodges the proceeds go directly to conservation.

We are specialists in the neotropics which constitutes the largest and most pristine mass of forest on the planet
Peru is extraordinary bird diversity country, over 1817 bird species which is due to the juxtaposition of:

  • * Extremely varied topography.
  • * Wide spectrum of climates.
  • * Diverse habitats.
  • * Many endemic bird areas.

Here in Peru the Andes rise majestically between the coastal plain and the legendary Amazon basin creating more than 84 major ecosystems for the endemic bird areas.
Amazon Birding is committed to do real conservation through bird-ecotourism and working hard to limit the environmental impact, returning all the waste to the city, working with local people to help build consciousness about the importance of the rainforest and promoting rainforest conservation.
Amazon Birding protects and convey to others about the birds and their environment.

Our Vision
Amazon Birding is working to bring economic, social and environmental harmony to Peru in Amazon rainforest. Our core belief is that mankind and nature can support each other through balance, respect and innovation. We achieve this is through protecting the incredible bird diversity of the amazon rainforest and working with local people to generate truly sustainable development that creates decent livelihoods in harmony with the natural environment.

Our Mission
Amazon Birding was founded in order to promote responsible bird-ecotourism. Beyond our commitment to provide you with the best bird trip for a great price, our mission is to foster bird conservation and to further Hummingbird project at  Amazon Wildlife Center. 10 percent of our profits will be used directly for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest and will support further research on Amazonian birds and conservation of their habitats.  
By choosing Amazon Birding you will help protect bird species and their habitats in Peru.
Browse our site for descriptions of our standard tours which offer comfortable opportunities to see hundreds of bird species. Choosing a tour off the beaten path such as Manu, will obviously appeal to your sense of adventure, discovery and increase your chances of encountering lesser-known species!
Amazon Birding employs Peruvians, and all operating expenses support the local economy. We´re proud of Peru, its people, and its birds!
Amazon Birding is eager to tackle your specific birding interests and committed to providing you with the best, cost-effective itinerary for your birding pleasure backed by the knowledge and experience we have gained in Peru.

Birding Information

Group size
The maximum size of the Group are eight or nine tour participants with one leader while walking on the trails but most of our tour have fewer participants; When there are more participants a second leader will be provided . We limit group size on tours that spent significant time in enclosed forest habitats, where silence is vital to seeing secretive species.

Guaranteed Departures
Amazon Birding offers guaranteed departures. Even if you are the only one booked, the trip proceeds exactly as planned, just you and your own personal guide. Even when we do have a minimum required number of people. To date we have never disappointed anyone by canceling their reservation.

A level of expertise is not needed to join our trips, but enthusiasm is.
You will never feel intimidated by our guides or other clients. They all understand that the trip is about seeing birds and having a great time, not by showing how great we are to others.

Most of our trips are in the Neotropics
Peru is filled with incredible birding destinations, so we have decided to concentrate on those areas that can be tricky for most people to visit alone. The Neotropic support 80% of the world´s bird species, and the diversity and numbers of birds can at times be overwhelming. Birding can be tough with many similar species in the same flock, and with others so secretive that they can only be located by voice. We have built up a storehouse of knowledge on where to find some of the Peru´s rarest birds, and our tours offer the finest birding in Peru. You will finish your trip not only with plenty of birds, but also with a real understanding for the areas you have visited. We also do many trips to other areas outside the Neotropic, but all these sites are ones where we think that we can really add value to your birding experience.

We always remember that it is your holiday, not ours
Although birding is always first and foremost on our trips, it is fairly usual for our trips in Southern Peru to see over 18 mammal species. Our leaders will explain you about the behavior, ecology and life history. If you have any other particular interest, be sure to let us know so you get the most out of your tour. Furthermore, Our clients come from a variety of nationalities, professions and backgrounds, brought together by the same passion for birds. We visit many places where we may be the only foreign visitors. Some days will require early rises to be in the field, ready for  action. When there are optional excursions that require a difficult hike, we will inform you well ahead of time.

We live where the birds are
Our guides spend more time in the field than they do at home. In fact, for some of them, the field is home. Not only do they know the birds and the areas we visit as well as anyone else in Peru, they also understand that it is your holiday, not theirs.

We are the company that actively supports bird conservation
We do not just give lip-service to protecting the threatened birds our livelihoods depend on; we are active in all aspects of bird conservation. This not only involves generation of funds for purchase of endangered habitats, but also includes consulting for conservation organizations, training guides, and establishing the avitourism industry in Peru. One project that some of our staff members are near fanatical about is getting more people into casual birding. There are no short term payoffs to our guides for this, but we believe to our very core that getting more people into birding is the ultimate way to get more people to preserve these creatures.

We offer the best value birding tours in peru
We have managed to strike a balance by providing Top-class tours without charging outrageous prices. While this is not the means by which we differentiate ourselves from the other operators, it is a pleasant side-effect of being the most efficient operator in our target destinations. A quick comparison with other companies will show that while we still stay at the best lodges and have top guides, we retain our more competitive prices.
Much of the time Amazon Birding guides are off guiding free trips, short walks for beginners, giving free workshops on bird identification or presenting talks about working in Peru. We spend our spare time creating catalyst events where we try to introduce as many people as possible to this lifestyle we call birding.

What to Bring
In order to avoid disturbing birds and to maximize your experience, please avoid wearing bright-colored clothes
We advise you to bring:

  •  Aside from Binoculars and photo-equipment (the important birdwatchers stuff) we advise:
  •  A spotting scope, if you have one
  • Flashlight for night birding
  • Light day pack
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • T-shirts and a long-sleeved shirt
  • Jeans or other cotton pants are comfortable, as well as quick-drying nylon ones
  • Cotton socks
  • Sweater,jacket or fleece for night birding
  • Light jacket, water resistant, or poncho
  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes
  • Sandals for after hours
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Plastic bags for camera, clothes, etc
  • Personal toiletries (shampoo,towel,etc)

Amazon Birding look forward to welcoming and guiding you soon!
Last minute bookings will be accepted but you must be aware that there is the possibility that we will not get space at the hotel or tour that you need

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